Speaking Of Speaking

SOS 100 Revolutionizing How We Consume Audio with special guest Amit Kukreja

August 03, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 100
Speaking Of Speaking
SOS 100 Revolutionizing How We Consume Audio with special guest Amit Kukreja
Show Notes

It's our 100th Episode! 
Thanks for all of your support along the way! For this celebration, we follow up with a guest we met and chatted with last year...and get the update on his revolutionary audio platform!

Where do you go when you want to see a video tutorial on how to bake a cake? YouTube!
Where do you go to check out the latest video of your favourite band? If you said YouTube, you'd be right again!  Where do you go to listen to your favourite podcast? Or an archived Radio show?  Hmmm....stumped?

If you said Apple, or Spotify, or any of the other podcast platforms (Including this one where you are listening to this episode) to hear a podcast you'd be right!  BUT...what about that archived radio show, say War Of The Worlds with Orson Wells?  Well you'd have to go digging!  Today's guest is making strides to change that for good!

Amit Kukreja is the founder and CEO of Audea. io, a revolutionary audio based platform that is looking to be the go to place for audio, much like YouTube is for Video. In this conversation he explains the advantages of an audio directory, challenges and what the future holds...and it looks...or, shall we say, SOUNDS great!

If you're not on Audea.io yet, and are an audio content creator, click the link to check it out and build your channel!


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