Speaking Of Speaking

Overcoming Adversity To Step Into Authenticity with special guest Lance Essihos

June 22, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 97
Speaking Of Speaking
Overcoming Adversity To Step Into Authenticity with special guest Lance Essihos
Show Notes

We've all had to face some sort of adversity to get to where we are. Whether it's a stage or a podcast, it's a journey...and everyone's road is different. Today's guest is no exception. His journey has been the focus of podcasts,  talks on various stages as well as courses he's created. He's about to launch his book, and today Lance Essihos shares how to go from that place of adversity, step into authenticity and make real connections. 

Lance W Essihos is the host of the University of Adversity Podcast. He created this podcast to help people learn from stories of adversity, which has ranked Top 50 on iTunes Worldwide and the Top #5 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020 List.

Lance W Essihos is a top-ranking podcast host on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, and more. He created a platform so that people can learn from stories of adversity, grit, and success. He has interviewed over 300 inspirational people all over the world which has seen global success, ranking in the top 20 on Apple podcast charts in Canada and the Top 100 in all major markets, including and not limited to Australia, Japan, Uk, and the USA.

As an experienced veteran with adversity, Lance has faced some of life’s most difficult challenges. He battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol for over a decade, lost his brother to suicide, and lost his father to cancer.

As a promise to himself, Lance made a goal to create a new life for himself by leaving an impact on as many people as possible. His goal was to leave the world in a better place than he found it. Lance has made it his mission to facilitate the message of positive change through adversity and encourage people to see the light through the darkness of life’s worst moments.
Today, he has surpassed his mission of making the world a better place and continuing this journey. Lance has given other people the platform to tell their stories of adversity and hardship. He has also empowered countless others to overcome the challenges they are facing in their own lives. Lance is a role model to those who want to better themselves, seek personal development, and desire long-lasting fulfillment.

Connect with Lance:

Website: https://lanceessihos.com/
Book PreSale link https://geni.us/MasteringAdversity
Pick my Brain Profile: https://www.pickmybrain.world/profiles/lance-essihos

Social Channels:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lance.essiho

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