Speaking Of Speaking

WAIT! I Need To Stop Performing AND Start WHAT?! with special guest Marla Press

September 14, 2022 Carl Richards Season 5 Episode 101
Speaking Of Speaking
WAIT! I Need To Stop Performing AND Start WHAT?! with special guest Marla Press
Show Notes

When speaking a lot of things matter:  Words, stage presence, gestures, body language, facial expressions and of course voice. One thing that's often overlooked by speakers and those who train speakers is energy, and how that energy can adversely affect the outcome of your talk. On today's show, Carl is joined by a fellow speaker trainer who reaches deep into that energy and highlights how to channel it to your advantage, every time! 

Marla Press is a Public Speaking Coach, Life Coach, and Art of Presence Teacher™. She's passionate about helping you share your wisdom with the world from an authentic, powerful place.  Marla takes beginning and experienced speakers from fear to fabulous, from perfection to connection, and from being a pretty good speaker to an extraordinary one.  If you want to promote your business, attract more clients, and live the lifestyle you desire, Marla Press is your coach!  

Marla is a published author and a wordsmith.  She loves to help you find creative ways to tell your story.  Her LIVE, very interactive, workshops are transformational because of her powerful and unique speaking exercises.  Sign up on her website for her Celebrated Speaker workshop that starts Sept 15th.  Marla also offers a complimentary 30min coaching session to get to know you and get speaking tips. Find out more on her website or email her to find out more:

m.press@marlapress.com          www.marlapress.com 

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