Speaking Of Speaking

I Just Got Back From A Trip To Cuba! Part Two: History

January 24, 2023 Carl Richards Season 5 Episode 112
Speaking Of Speaking
I Just Got Back From A Trip To Cuba! Part Two: History
Show Notes

We kicked off a 5 part series based on the theme, 'I just got back from a trip to Cuba!' Last time we identified how people play an integral part of your stories. Some key key take aways were:

#1 Give a name (Don't know it, make one up!)
#2 Cite a real situation (needs to be believable!)
#3 Give a 'why'

In today's episode we continue the Cuban journey. And the story telling journey. It's all about History. There are rich histories and cultures everywhere we look. How are we bringing those histories to the forefront of our imaginations and bringing them to life?  

The writer Ernest Hemingway lived just outside of Havana for a period of time. We also visited two restaurants there (two of his favourites). Both are still in operation and both still serve some of his favourite dishes. 
 Here are todays pro-tips:

#1 Paint the picture (describe what you see)
#2 Give examples 
#3 Share a timeline 

Check out the episode to hear how it all comes together!

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