Speaking Of Speaking

Speaking Globally with Special Guest Steve Lowell

November 11, 2021 Carl Richards Season 3 Episode 72
Speaking Of Speaking
Speaking Globally with Special Guest Steve Lowell
Show Notes

It's a dream of many speakers: to speak around the world. Sadly a lot of speakers don't get that chance, for various reasons.  We are living in a new world now though, where speaking globally is more accessible than it has every been, but it's a different playing field than it used to be.   Carl's guest today has spoken all over the world, and is about to embark on a 'World Speaking Tour' like no other...and he shares not only the secret behind it, but he also shares the various pitfalls speakers find themselves in  that's keeping them from global speaking.

Steve Lowell, CSP has been speaking and performing on the live stage since the age of 6, that’s over 53 years ago.

From Ottawa, Canada, Steve is an award-winning, global speaker and for over 30 years he has been training and mentoring executives, thought-leaders and professional speakers around the world to deliver high-impact keynote speeches, drive revenue from the platform and build wealth through speaking.

He’s the President of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) and the past national President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

A three-time number one international best selling author, Steve is a sought-after expert helping thought leaders and sales teams sell more by changing the way they speak.

He shares the stage with such greats as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank and “As Seen on TV”), and Brian Tracy (Author of over 70 books).

Together with his wife, Jayne he travels the world speaking, training, and mentoring those who have a message to monetize through the spoken word.

Join Steve on his Virtual World Speaking Tour: