Speaking Of Speaking

Speaking To Ignite Your Purpose, with special guest Karem Zafra-Vera

November 24, 2021 Carl Richards Season 3 Episode 74
Speaking Of Speaking
Speaking To Ignite Your Purpose, with special guest Karem Zafra-Vera
Show Notes

As a speaker you know your talk needs a purpose.  You need to know why you're speaking so you can therefore give the audience what they need, and encourage them to follow through.
What if we used speaking though as a way to ignite your true purpose?  That's what today's speaker will speak about...and how to ditch the influential, habitual and, in some cases, cultural beliefs that are blocking us from truly igniting our purpose!

Karem Zafra-Vera is a published Author and International Best Seller “Voices”. Karem’s
passion is serving people to step into their own light. She says, “It is your God giving birthright
to live a life on your highest terms”. Her curiosity in personal growth began over 10 years ago
while she was still in the field of Conflict Resolution specializing in Family and Circuit Court
mediation throughout the State of Florida. In 2018 life took a turn for her and she further dove into deep personal growth.

Karem closed her mediation practice and launched her coaching career. She is now the Founder of Next Level Consulting also known as “Mindful With Karem.”

In 2020 Karem was featured in Debra Wallace Silver Lining Story. An article on how business
owners pivoted during the pandemic.  https://patch.com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/how-philadelphia-business-owners-pivoted-during-pandemic.

In March 2021 she launched her podcast “Ignite Your Purpose.” Karem believes our story is
someone else’s story and what better way to be inspired and take a step forward. Her Podcast is available in all platforms. She is also a Global Member of a woman’s international organization called FEMCITY and a board member for the Miami & Palm Beach Chapters.

You can find her in all social media Platforms through this link