Speaking Of Speaking

Speaking Of The Family, with special guest Laura Sharp-Waites

December 08, 2021 Carl Richards Season 3 Episode 76
Speaking Of Speaking
Speaking Of The Family, with special guest Laura Sharp-Waites
Show Notes

Family. We all have one. Ours is always more dysfunctional than our neighbours' or colleagues' families combined. Right?  WRONG!  There's nothing wrong with your family...but you need to open the communication so there is open dialogue about everything! Especially when both Mom and Dad are working, possibly in professional roles.  Today's guest shares how she helps families SPEAK UP and grow together. 

Laura Sharp-Waites is a Life & Business Accelerator and Founder of Heart Unburdened. Helping people has always been a gift for Laura Sharp-Waites. For many years, she was a Special Education Teacher and a College Professor, supporting people of all ages and walks of life through a myriad of personal, professional, spiritual struggles. 

Her life changed dramatically when she faced a battle with breast cancer. During the diagnosis, a pre-cancerous tumor was found. While having something removed that could cause additional cancer seems like a great thing, it also meant the end to the dream of Laura and her husband Todd having a biological baby. As a result, Laura experienced major grief over the loss of her ovaries. Laura's healing was the catalyst that propelled her into further training.

Laura now blends her extensive educational experience and certifications to help . Laura holds a number of certifications, a Master’s in Special Education, a Master’s in Divinity: Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctorate in Higher Education.

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LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/laura-sharp-waites/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/laurasharpwaites/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heartunburdenedwithlaura/