Speaking Of Speaking

Speaking of Networking with special guest Sandy Tunwell

December 15, 2021 Carl Richards Season 3 Episode 77
Speaking Of Speaking
Speaking of Networking with special guest Sandy Tunwell
Show Notes

Every savvy business owner knows if you want to expand your reach, you have to network. Whether you are attending online events or in person ones, are you successfully attracting your ideal client?  Are you speaking to them directly? OR, are you sharing confusing convoluted industry jargon?  Carls' guest today shares how she catapulted her company to success through networking and simple to understand messaging.
Sandy Tunwell is the Founder and Managing Consultant of Accountrain inc., which, in 2018, celebrated 25 years of providing all things accounting to varying companies across many industries.

Sandy has combined her vast knowledge of accounting with her social skills to develop a unique approach to bookkeeping and accounting which has been recognized and appreciated by many clients.   

Since inception, the vision has been – to change the client / accountant relationship. The Accountrain team follow the same mindset, with Sandy’s role as Controller completing the accounting team for small and medium size business. Accountrain’s services have expanded over the years based on the requests of clients. They are specifically known for helping start-ups and working with small businesses who don’t need a full- time accounting staff but realize the importance of proper bookkeeping maintenance.

On a personal note, Sandy loves to travel.  Ask her why an orangutan got her to Australia!

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