Speaking Of Speaking

The 'Cleaver Fever': Helping The Professional 'Super Mom In Your Life with special guest Amy Zwaigenbaum

April 06, 2022 Carl Richards Season 4 Episode 91
Speaking Of Speaking
The 'Cleaver Fever': Helping The Professional 'Super Mom In Your Life with special guest Amy Zwaigenbaum
Show Notes

Stepping into the role as a  professional speaker is a fun process...yet comes with its own set of challenges. You have to learn how to speak to your audience, have stage presence, SELL your products and services. Put on that the stresses of everyday life that sometimes creep into our talks through energy. So how do we navigate that, especially if we're the 'Super Mom' in our household?   Carl's guest today explores the challenges and shares solutions to the professional moms (and sometimes dads) and how families can work together at this!

 Amy Zwaigenbaum is a Transformational Stress Coach, Reiki Master, Creator of the Cleaver Fever Cure and Teacher. Her mission is to help Professional Supermoms over 30 who are suffering from stress-related illnesses to live a happy, healthy, low-stress work/life balanced life . This is accomplished with a combination of transformational stress coaching, meditation classes, and energy healings.

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